More advocating for seniors necessary

Thank for your June 1 editorial regarding the forgotten seniors of Jasper. Seniors Week 2017 came and went without any waves for the 65-plus population of Jasper. There was a Wine and Cheese put on by COS the Friday before that was fabulous, successful and very much appreciated, but for June 5-11 nada!

As you mentioned, our little community goes above and beyond for many events, but we have been surprised by the lack of events/appreciation for those that helped shape this town. There are more than 250 seniors in Jasper and it seems as though nobody is advocating for them, certainly in terms of organizing Seniors Week events. The senior locals of Jasper have been the founding members of a lot of things in our little mountain town. Seniors should be celebrated and receive a pat on the back for their efforts, time and countless hours of dedicated work.

While Alpine Summit and Pine Grove Manor always seem to be the “hub” for the seniors community in town, the fact of the matter is that these buildings are home to just a small fraction of the seniors in Jasper.

On the behalf of Alpine Summit residents, we would like to recognize three awesome events that were generously donated by local businesses: Jasper Tour Company’s Wildlife Tour; a scrumptious lunch at Earls in the Rockies; and Jasper Raft Tours’ glorious float down the Athabasca River. Seniors also had a visit from the daycare and an entertaining evening of musical talent by Grace Kohn’s students.

We hope that next year more local businesses and the Municipality of Jasper can jump on the wagon and have one heck of a party for these amazing individuals.

~ Julie Des Becquets

 and Meghan Gifford