Survey says: no wildlife fencing this year

Parks Canada is conducting surveys
of wildlife zones on Highway 16 but
maintains there are no plans in place
this year to install wildlife exclusion

“Preliminary surveys … at this time, are for information
gathering purposes only,” said Michaela Campbell, Jasper
National Park’s public relations and communications officer,
in an email to The Jasper Local.
Jasper Tour Company’s Joe Urie discovered flagging near
the Morrow Bluffs (12-mile bridge) area and after inquiring
with local officials, could not ascertain whether fencing
similar to that alongside Hwy 1 in the Bow Valley was to be
erected in Jasper.
Campbell said the surveys are being done in conjunction
with massive infrastructure investments across Canada.
“The agency regularly monitors and assesses areas of
known wildlife mortality caused by vehicular traffic in order
to determine if further mitigations are needed,” she said.
Parks Canada has the longest on-going wildlife crossing
research and monitoring program in the world. To date,
47 wildlife underpasses, six wildlife overpasses, and 97
kilometres of fencing have been installed along national
park highways.

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